Practice Appraisal

A variety of instances can warrant the need for a business valuation of a chiropractic practice. Buying or selling a clinic, getting a divorce, restructuring ownership, or estate planning all require a value to be placed on a clinic. But how do you arrive at that value?

Our team of board certified business appraisal specialists are very skilled in identifying the exceptional features of the chiropractic business. Our comprehensive approach makes us different from most of the other brokers in the industry, because we look at all of the areas and types of values that make up a chiropractic practice: the fair market value of equipment and leasehold improvements, the investment value of goodwill, and the present value of accounts receivable. All of these components joined together comprise the total value of a chiropractic clinic.

Furthermore, the Business Valuations we perform are more than just a broker’s opinion. We follow the Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines that detail how an appraisal should be conducted. By conforming to these measures, not only do our appraisals reflect what the practice is worth but also they are recognized as legal documents.