Financial Procurement

Financing Your Dream Practice

Financial Procurement

Financing in general can bring a certain amount of stress and anxiety to many people. Not understanding the process and terminology paired with today's troubled economy can be downright overwhelming. But securing financing during these uncertain times is not an impossible task. 

Practice Brokers, Inc. can not only demystify the loan process within the chiropractic industry, but also assist in securing financing for the purchase of a chiropractic practice. Learn more about where to get financing here.

Our services include:

  • Providing the buyer with the necessary tools to develop a successful business plan
  • Coordinating all of the required documents for the financial package, including supplying instructions on how to complete the package AND offering assistance in executing the paperwork
  • Reviewing and revising the financial package as needed, before presenting it to the lending institution
  • Submitting the financial package to the lending institution
  • Interacting and negotiating with the lender on behalf of the buyer

And once the loan is approved, we help with:

  • Coordinating and monitoring the completion of the bank’s final financing checklist
  • Managing the flow of additional required information to the bank in order to get to the closing table

A financial procurement fee between 1½ and 3% is charged to the buyer and is typically based on the size of the loan amount secured. No fee is paid if we are unable to help the buyer secure financing.