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Jerry Peterson

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FOCUS AREAS: Business brokerage services provided for chiropractors, financial procurement services, and business valuations.

EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin – Madison - Business Economics Degree, 1982

I have been working with chiropractors since 1983. I started out my career assisting DCs in setting up their offices from scratch. Working with demographics, clinic design, negotiating office leases, acquiring equipment, hiring staff, developing marketing plans and obtaining financing are just some of the services that I provide. A few years into my journey, I started to help DCs find associates and associates find jobs. I also added office sharing and career counseling to my resume by the mid-1990s.

In 1995, it became obvious to me that there was a real need for business brokering for chiropractors. Most of my friends are chiropractors. When they would go to sell their life's work, there was no rhyme, reason or respect for this process. Practice Brokers, Inc. was created to offer a red carpet service to buyers and sellers of chiropractic practices that resonates well with my enormous respect that I have for the profession.

I love what I do. I may never be able to adjust a patient, but I can certainly help those that do.